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Designing beautiful bespoke cakes that look as good as they taste. Madame Spoons Cake Design is for people who want a great tasting cake that leaves a lasting impression. Based in Brabant Wallon, Belgium, the cakes stand out because they have a high-quality finish, an elegant and refined style, delicious flavours, and a professional and personalised service.

Meet Emma

Hi! I am Emma, or, like most people call me “Madame Spoons”. I am the Cake Designer and Owner of Madame Spoons Cake Design. My life changed in 2011, when I realised that if I didn’t start doing what I loved, I would never do it. So, what happened in 2011?

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Making special moments memorable with amazing cake. This is where cake becomes art C’est là que le gâteau devient de l’art. Madame Spoons Cakes have a high-quality finish, with an elegant and refined style. Recognised for her expertly created sugar flowers and sought-after delicious cake. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the beauty of our cakes:

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